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Stop Overdevelopment

Scottsdale currently has 15,000+ housing units in the pipeline. Residents have expressed concerns over the increasing high density developments all across the city.

Mitigate Traffic Congestion

Despite the growing complaints from residents regarding traffic congestion, the majority council has reduced available traffic lanes across the city in exchange for federal grants.

Combat Homelessness

Scottsdale is spending your tax dollars to room and board homeless people into hotels commingled with paying guests, all the while lacking sobriety requirements.

Put Residents First

Unlike many of my opponents, I cannot be bought. It's time to focus on putting residents first and hearing the concerns of the constituency.

Promote Small Business

Through limiting government oversight, offering tax credits, and awarding grants, and much more, we can continue to grow the economy domestically and support the private sector.

Regulate Short Term Rentals

Many out-of-state investors are purchasing single family homes in attempts to make high returns, while drastically inflating the housing market. Scottsdale needs to be stricter on short-term rentals.


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