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U.S. Congress Candidate Abe Hamadeh

“I am proud to endorse Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council. His commitment to public safety, fiscal responsibility, and enhancing the quality of life aligns with key values of the America First movement and he will be a strong fighter for the community.”

Arizona State Representative (LD-3) Joseph Chaplik

"I'm proud to endorse Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council! Mason is the young, conservative leader that we need on the council to provide balance and represent the voices and values of Scottsdale residents. He is sharp, articulate, principled, and will bring a strong work ethic for Scottsdale."

Frmr. Arizona State Rep. & Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita

“I enthusiastically endorse Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council. His relentless commitment to preserving Scottsdale’s unique character, commitment to our residents and work ethic are exactly what we need in our local leaders and what I look for as a lifelong resident. I am confident Mason will serve responsibly as a fiscally conservative councilman while bringing a fresh, young perspective to problem solving. Please join me in supporting him on July 30.”

Candidate for Arizona House (LD-4) Pamela Carter

“As a fourth-generation native Arizonan, I know what works for Scottsdale having grown up in this special area. I’m endorsing Mason Gates because I believe he will diligently and consistently listen to the residents of Scottsdale and vote accordingly.  As I watched Mason start by pounding his own signs early on, I saw a young entrepreneur, and a man of faith and integrity conscientiously pursuing his dreams! We need more young men like Mason in Scottsdale city government.”

College Republicans of Arizona

Delaware GOP Exec. Director Nick Miles

"Our nation’s posterity rests in the hands of the grassroots movement. As a self-driven entrepreneur and community-oriented philanthropist, Mason Gates is hardwired to succeed in the trenches of grassroots politics. Even more so, Mason is an example for our entire generation. It’s no secret America needs a fresh wave of leaders. Mason is that type of leader– one who is youthfully enthusiastic, tremendously hard working, and most importantly, who has learned to take the bold initiative. I hope many of Mason’s traits will inspire more young people to step out and run for office across the nation."

Wyoming State Representative Cyrus Western

"Mason is exactly who we need to carry on the torch of conservative values. He isn't afraid to step up to the plate and make hard decisions and fight for what's right for Scottsdale voters. He has my complete and total endorsement."

Montana State Representative Braxton Mitchell

"Mason Gates, a dedicated and principled young conservative running for Scottsdale City Council. With a fresh perspective and a commitment to upholding conservative values, Mason is poised to bring positive change to the Scottsdale community."

Kansas City Councilman Nathan Willett

"I fully endorse Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council. We need the next generation to step up and lead our cities. Mason will support all first responders, be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, and fight for neighborhoods. Mason brings the experience and commitment to tackle Scottsdale’s biggest challenges.”

Frmr. Kansas City Councilwoman Heather Hall

"I am honored to endorse Mason for Scottsdale City Council and know he will be a champion of the people and respect their taxes by making responsible financial decisions while in office."

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