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Put Residents First

It doesn’t take much to know that treating our people with respect, kindness, and care about their well-being is the source of real community. I myself have spent a great deal of time getting to know the citizens of Scottsdale, to better understand the people, the city's rich and unique history, learning how I can be of use to the public, and the arising concerns of the constituency.

Such qualities are no mere luxuries, but are the essential pillars upon which the prosperity and cohesion of our city stand on. Common sensical "Residents First" leadership ensures that decisions are grounded in practicality, realism, and consultative representation. This steers us away from wasteful ventures and misguided policies.


Through community outreach, the council can address the problems that Scottsdale faces, while also fostering an environment that encourages the input of residents. With a leader who prioritizes the input of residents over the input of out-of-state developers & zoning attorneys, our city can navigate challenges with prudence, ultimately fostering a community that thrives and flourishes.

In sheer contrast to several of my opponents, I stand firm in my commitment to integrity and independence. While others may be predominantly swayed by special interests and influences of external pressures, I remain steadfast in my dedication to serving the best interests of our community. It's imperative that we shift our priorities towards prioritizing the needs of residents above all else. As your representative, I pledge to actively listen to the concerns of every member of our constituency, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also genuinely considered in the decisions that shape our city's future.

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