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Regulate Short Term Rentals

In recent years, the issue of regulating short-term rentals has become increasingly pressing in Scottsdale, Arizona. One prominent concern is the influx of out-of-state investors purchasing single-family homes solely for the purpose of converting them into short-term rentals. This trend not only drives up housing prices, making it increasingly difficult for local residents to afford homes, but it also disrupts the fabric of our neighborhoods.


As such, there is a growing consensus among community members that stricter regulations on short-term rentals are necessary to preserve the integrity of our housing market and maintain the character of our neighborhoods.

The proliferation of short-term rentals has led to a number of negative consequences for our community.


Beyond the economic impact of rising housing prices, the influx of short-term renters can disrupt the peace and tranquility of residential neighborhoods. Increased noise, traffic, and transient populations can detract from the quality of life for permanent residents and diminish the sense of community that is integral to Scottsdale's identity. Additionally, the lack of oversight and regulation in the short-term rental market raises concerns about safety and accountability, as property owners may not be held to the same standards as traditional hospitality businesses.

To address these concerns and ensure the long-term sustainability of our community, it is imperative that Scottsdale implements stricter regulations on short-term rentals. By limiting the number of short-term rental properties in residential areas and enforcing stricter licensing requirements, we can curb the influx of out-of-state investors seeking to capitalize on our housing market.


Furthermore, implementing measures to hold property owners accountable for the behavior of their guests and maintaining adequate oversight of short-term rental operations can help mitigate the negative impacts on our neighborhoods. By taking decisive action to regulate short-term rentals, we can protect the interests of our residents, preserve the character of our neighborhoods, and ensure a prosperous future for Scottsdale.

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