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Abe Hamadeh Endorses Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 3, 2024 — Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council is proud to announce the endorsement from Abe Hamadeh, distinguished candidate for Congress. This endorsement highlights the growing support for Gates' vision and dedication to the community.

Hamadeh is running to represent Arizona’s 8th Congressional District where he has an impressive background of local education, having attended Happy Valley School, Stetson Hills, and Terramar. 

“I am proud to endorse Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council. His commitment to public safety, fiscal responsibility, and enhancing the quality of life aligns with key values of the America First movement and he will be a strong fighter for the community.”

Hamadeh, a tenacious advocate for election integrity and a relentless champion for Arizona, emphasized the urgency of supporting candidates committed to common-sense leadership to counter the current administration’s policies. 

Mason Gates has been actively involved in the Scottsdale community, working tirelessly to ensure that the city remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family. His campaign focuses on critical issues such as maintaining safe neighborhoods, promoting sustainable growth, and supporting local businesses.

“I am honored to receive Abe Hamadeh’s endorsement,” said Gates. “Abe’s work in our community and his dedication to justice and public service are truly inspiring. With his support, I am even more motivated to fight for the values and priorities that matter to Scottsdale residents. Together, we can build a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Scottsdale.”

As a veteran, Hamadeh has a rich history of protecting Arizonans overseas by vetting terrorist threats and defending them at home by prosecuting criminals, upholding victims’ rights, and seeking justice. He believes that for too long, the government has enriched the few at the expense of the many and is determined to hold it accountable.

The endorsement from Abe adds to the growing momentum of Mason Gates’ campaign as he continues to garner support from residents, local leaders, and community organizations.

For more information about Mason Gates and his campaign for Scottsdale City Council, please visit


About Mason Gates:

Mason Gates is a dedicated community leader with a vision for a thriving and inclusive Scottsdale. His platform focuses on enhancing public safety, promoting sustainable development, and supporting local businesses to ensure a vibrant and prosperous future for all residents. 

About Abe Hamadeh:

Abe Hamadeh is the Trump Endorsed candidate for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, decorated intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and respected America First Patriot. His campaign focuses on defending Arizona for the next generation and fighting to fix the failed policies of the Biden Administration including border security, foreign policy, the war on police, and the current economic disaster. Abe is also a former prosecutor and the 2022 Republican Nominee for Arizona Attorney General who is continuing his fight for election integrity in the courts.


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